Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i know that i,

talk to much,
laugh to much,
act to much,
dream to much,
think to much.

but the end of it i know tht i will ended up with crying myself alone.
i'm not too into the social life nor passive in it.
i just do what i want.
why they just don't get it?
yes,i do admitted that i'm not like other teenage that can easily get off or easily get permision from their parents to go out or anything sort of it.
i didn't ask fo that kind of life.
i just want a freedom and give an opportunity fo me to do what i like.
please understand me..
i'm just desperate,
*i know it sound lame

sory guys,but i still cannot accept it.

i do love u guys no matter what.

mybe it will take some time fo me to be in the condition back.

aiman,thank you fo make me feel comfortable.
but u are late, wekk..

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