Sunday, March 21, 2010

A sweet memory,

Last night,i just came back from sabah.
It was a sweet yet memorable vacation.
Sabah was a great place to be visited.
The most i like abt the place was the Mount Kinabalu.
The mount was like a wonderful creature to see.
It had a lot of beautiful scenery.
The weather are cold and the people are nice (:
being there was such a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle city of life.
but not all the places on sabah i had visited since my dad got fever on our 2nd day at there.
myb u guys should try to visited sabah too and go to the Tunku Abdul Rahman memorial park.
it was a great place to snorkling (:

sory ppl,i cannot upload all the photos since the internet were so sloww.
maybe next time okay.

btw,i didn't prepare anythng fo my coming exam.hahaahha,
how scared i am to face it tomorow.
wish me luck ya.

till then,love nana.

p/s: ily aiman.muah :)

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