Saturday, April 3, 2010


heloo there evryone.
i miss blogging badly.
haha :D

For the past two weeks,i've been really really busy with school.

For the first week,
i've been struggling with the 'ujian diagnostik'.
damn it was hard.
but for me it was better than the previous one. which we had on the first month.
For god sake,i didn't read any books during the school holiday,which was a week before my exam.
haha,u know i was being so busy with the family trip.
I didn't really get my full result.just got phy and sej paper.
thank god i pass for my phy n sej. but i don't really satisfied with my sej result.grr,
My teacher said,it was better pass than got it fail right?

For the second week,
After the examination tht we all had,
we have our 'perbarisan' practising for the whole week n everyday!
damn,it was tiring.
I am one of the sr who teach our jr dancing for the annual sports day which is next week.
however it is,i love, i didn't mind to do it (:
and and fyi,i have loss 3kg of my weight on ths week!
it was an awesome experiences being dancing with them.

Whatever it is,i really enjoyed my life being in school with my awesome friends.

yes,they do ROCK my soul ! (:

and for Aiman,i am really glad tht u have receive my letter.
it's been a wonderful news for me when hear it frm you.
i love you okay (:

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