Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After The Rains Through All The Day, Now I Can SeeThe Sky Is Blue And The Sunbeam Beautifuly Shine (:

On the last two days, i went to my hometown Perak (:
there have been quite a long time for us not to visit my grand parents there :')

So, after the long time (which i cant remember how long is it)
my family decided to "balik kampung" time ! (:

and so do my aunty, fyezah hasbullah.

Although we stayed only for 2 days, but we guys
used this time to have a great time together there ! (:

So before everyone get back to our own house,
we decided to have some
geeky photoshot there.
haha (:

meet the comel fyezah hasbullah (:
teeheehee .

and of course me.
ignore the kind of model posee there,
its so lame. haha ^.-


tired ..

we are trying to ride the bicycle act.
haha, fyezah donno how to carry me onn.
LOL (:

yeah ! finalyy (:
she cann.

i love you aunty ;D

we kind of love doing ugly faces too.

and yeah !
we are soo sisterhood (:

having a great time ! LOL

* btw i am a learner on this
vintage fashion ! (:

i do love clothing that is simply to wear
and looks nice besides cute from the outside (:

*p/s : fyezah, u can take the picture here.


  1. this sounds fun! haven't been riding bike for so long! :p

    ps: u have a twin brother? they look like upin ipin!!! so cute! :)

  2. yes, it was fun to riding a biycyle of course !

    This use to be my fav past time (:

    ps:haha, i dont have any twins laa ;p