Monday, February 28, 2011

Biasa-biasa saja .

Assalamualaikum ,

Yesterday went out to Sg. Buluh with my family for having a kenduri aqiqah organizing by friends of my parents .

And this post takde apa apa tujuan pun sbnrnya (sory bahasa berojak-rojak ye -.-")

Just to dedicated this special post to cik meia kita yang haritu tanya saya how to wear a long skirt with a shirt or anything like such a dress something like tht lahh .

So this is the simple wear tht i wore on with my long skirt . ;|

The introduction picture (:
* and utk pemulaan gambar gambar ini mmg
byk "peace pose" okeh . Saya pun tak thu
kenapa i keep doing this "peace yo"

see , i told ya .
but takkn lahh nak upload sume gamba yg ada "peace" pula kan

not as beautiful as you people out there (:
i am lame ;)

and yeah i am short too -.-"

So , here are my simple wear outfit .
I love simple btw . (i told you already kan ?)

To match the long skirt , i just wore a simple and cheap long sleeve dress (ya its kind of dress i guess) with a belt .

See , its simple kan . and and when you wear a long skirt , heels is the best way for matching it .
*But i just love to wear it with a flat cutey shoe (:

p/s : sory for the kind off blurry pic here . I was capturing with my cheap phone .
Forgot to bring my camera along . (sigh)


  1. ohhh , no lahh , (laughing sambil kembang kempis)


  2. thanks babe. you are soooo damn sweet. btw, u know, i have buncit belly. is ity still okay for me to wear that belt around my waist? kang menonjol pulak kang

  3. hee , for you anything .
    cewaahh ;p

    hmmm, okay lahh . kau jgn lah pakai belt tu ketat ketat sgt , pakai longgar longgar suda (:

    *dulu aku pun takut nak pakai belt . heee ^^