Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yesterday was a very very very GOOD day (:

Yeah people , ini cerita pasal semalam.

Saya tak kira walaupun cerita dah basi , saya still mahu post kerana hari gembira saya semalam masih segar lagi dalam ingatan nii .
( cehh ayat nak metafora jee T_T )

Semalam me and nik farina went to an event ,

A Garage Sale event held at Shah Alam .

Thanks a lot to ayah nik sbb sudah bersusah payah membawa kami ke sana .
*perhhh mmg jauh la jgk .

That Garage Sale event was organize by the bloggers bloggers who just love on vintage fashion .

*envy for their looks and style . MashaAllah they are just beautiful (:

Eventough the event was not as our expected *laughing
we just enjoy all the momento there .

And i got 5 items just for RM 70

yaa, its crazy !

What did i bought yesterday ;

  • A dorothy perkins dress
  • A vintage dress
  • A vintage bag
  • A vintage bangle
  • A red hottie belt

*this is just an example lahh ,
its look alike with what i bought LOL .

I just get crazy when it comes to shopping part !
I can forgot evrything tht makes me moody just by SHOPPING !!!


I am waiting for moreeee event now !!

p/s ; i can't upload the photo of me and nik because my USB connection lost (big sigh)


  1. sy nak ajak awk join contest ini :D

  2. awww , thats cool (:

    insyallah i'll try to join it .

    SORRY if i cant make it okay ^^

  3. nana, amboii. shopping sakan naaa.
    hahahaha. :)))
    tak beli ape2 fr me?

  4. haha , hehe mesti lah izyan . ;p

    ahhh , sory babe . hehehe