Thursday, April 21, 2011

When the sense of love build between a girl and a boy, sometimes they just dont really understand how their relationship going .

So there are a small conversation between this girl and his boy that happen in sudden .

Girl : I hate it when you act like i dont mean anything to you.

Boy : I hate it when you act like you dont know you mean everything to me.

BOY , you are such a creature that is hardly to define by a girl .
sincerely from me (:


  1. SO true =.=
    boys are ALWAYS like that..
    act like kita cm xde ppe bg dia *sighs
    tapi ... haha XD

  2. yeah aneen, boys full of suprise :)
    they know what they are doing . but we as a girl always had the sense of worried abt our relationship right ?


  3. Ohh aiman , my best best best friend :)


  4. hehehe sifat semula jadi kan but tak semua pon macamtu :)