Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back To Old School

While i was doing my work at home,i recieve a call from nik on 10 in the morning.She was asking me to acompany her to our old school SMK Ideal Height.then i said ok.come to my house at 10.30. We walk at a road which called jln babi *rindu kile kat jalan nih.It was tiring us although the distance from our school is near.We meet putri,fatihah,mira rainbow,zurin,n others 4 akaun 1 stud which was my old classmate.Nik was upset bcos she didn't hve a chance met her scndal *mayol (sory fo mentioning his name) we watch them played saidina,n hve some talk with them.There were not mny ppl come to the school since spm was jst started.After an hour lepaking,we decide to go back since nik need to look fo her brthr frm school.

She is Syafikah.she was pemalu yg mengada ngada,n gedik too.wekk ;p

Syafikah,gedik,ngada,gelabah,bajet. ILY la ngong (:

After 30m walk,we hve a sit in front of my hse first since i wanna bluetooth some pictures.we talk creepy a lot n planning our programme ths holiday ;p *it will be awesome fren
In the evening,i went to Selayang Mall with mom to buy some thing.
*saje nak mention
p/s:Aiman Halifi,I love u infinity (:

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