Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A words can never be describe you,

" Cinta datang tanpa dirancang,
malah sukar untuk meramal bagaimana akhirnya nanti.
Ia sesuatu yang dijangka,
mungkin mengecewakan dan tragik,
cinta itu juga indah "

To my love : Muhammad Aiman Halifi b. Nasir,
it's been a long time for us being together,
i really didn't expect that we are going until this far.
I love the relationship that we face now,
although we both know that we have gone through many
sweets and sour things.
It will be a million of memories that i will not forget between us.
I Love You <3

Happy Anniversary Honey mo ! (:

p/s : of course i want it to be forever ;p