Friday, February 11, 2011

Bergembiralah sementara masih ada waktu bersama-sama (:

Last Thursday , Syafikah treat us (nik and me) MCD .

Meet together , laugh , gossiping , window shopping .

Just at Selayang Mall , the nearest mall at our house (:

We really enjoy the moment togther .

Here are some camwhoring from us (:

meet syafikah (:

meet nik farina

first time, i ate PROSPERITY.
so lame , i know T_T

Suddenly i bump into my fav lil sister
who are close to me when i was in
Ideal Heights.

*kimi friends (:

i love her b'cause she was so so so nice to me
and she's vry excited to see me too !

Love you adik (:

myra azmy ;p

Then after the eating , window shopping part
we hang out and have a lil chit chat
with our friends that
work at the nearly supermarket there.

Thanks for giving us the wafer yaa amira (:

And thats all i guess.

I didn't manage to capture many pic .

Because i was to lazy to holding the big camera evrywhere.
haha (: