Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Future Relationship

Today , I want to talk about the "FUTURE"
*eceh , bajet je ni .

For those who are being with someone (i mean have bf/gf) before entering any college or universities ,
Korang pernah tak rasa menyesal kenapa korang bercouple couple since high school lagi , padehal kat U or kolej nnt sure sure akan ramai mamat-mamat hensem dan pandai-pandai belaka yang korang boleh dapat much more better than bf/gf korang sekarang nii kan ??

Pernah tak rasa menyesal ?
*dah , tak payah sebok-sebok nak jawab lahh sebab korang tak pernah merasainya lagi kan ?

Tapi kenapa korang masih ingin bercouple lagi di high school even korang sendiri dah tau pasal benda ni ?? yelah cikgu pun dah berbuih-buih dok ckp jugak kan .

"jgn bercinta sekarang , kat U nnt ramai lagi lelaki hensem dan pandai bla bla bla .."

tgk tuu , hensem kan ???!! >.<
Aku tak salahkan siapa siapa yg have a bf/gf sekarang ni (sbb aku pun sama mcm korang)
and aku juga tak marahkan korang . Itu hak masing masing kan .

Cuma korang kena igt lah kan ,

"If you have been with someone , u never can turn over back again "

kenapa aku ckp mcm ni ? sbb aku ta nak lah kalau dah be with someone tu pastu sesedap hati je nak break up ke apa. Buat org sakit hati dan sedih tak tentu pasal . Berdosa tau buat orang mcm tu .
(ckp kat diri sendiri , kuikuikui)

So please ppl if you are now 18 years old . You are now going to be mature enough to face up the real world out there . Please think wisely when you are about to be with someone . just dont hurt them okay ?
*sekarang no more time for "cinta monyet"
(minta ampun ye kalau saya dah sakitkan hati awak ?)

So , i have found something interesting in someone tumblr . I was so impressed and amazed and loved it and like it with her answer about the question for future relationship ni ,

Lets read it ,

Q :

See I have a boyfriend, we've been together since highschool and now were in different universities. We trust each other so much but I don't know why, boys in my U is more attractive. I want an advice from you, how did you manage to stay with your boyfriend and not attract to other boys? I love him, I dont want to sound bad but I don't know why I can't help myself. Help?

A :

Hello there, okay wow. I totally speechless, and wordless I mean do I look like a great lover? heh no I don’t think so. but if you want my advice, then okay I’d love to share some with you (: Okay I know, honestly, girl wouldn’t say no if handsome boy came to you and say hi. I and my bf was in different college too. And we weren’t always together every seconds. But I totally hve no idea how to answer why I still stay with boyfriend and not to attract with other boys who has a great looks, well I do attract, sometimes. But my bf is the best. I don’t know. He treat me nicely. It’s not about the looks honey. Its about.. he’s smart, intelligant and have a lot of knowledge. So that made me think nobody can beat him. So my point is, there is no answer why. When you love someone, you wouldn’t betray him/her. You must respect and trust your relationship. My boy is the best man I’ve ever met, and if I lose him, I will probably meet an assholes. So don’t waste it. Okay? eventho you’re anon, but I don’t know, I feel happy I could share something with you I mean god, I never telling anyone about how do I feel inside about love in public. and indirectly, I have shared this with all of the readers. (:

Sory kak pkaws , i copy it from you because i was so damn like your answer !! hehe

So ? how was it people ? kita dah dgr dari true story org yg berpengalaman sendiri ye .

Fikir fikirkanlah, korang nak buat macam mne dalam relationship korang . Kalau korang rasa nak main main kan bf/gf korang tu , better u leave them now .

Just dont play play with their feelings (:

Start to get serious in what you are having now .

Pray for the best and pray for the happiness for future (:

Aminn .

remember this people (:


  1. haha , its true kan ? dont play play haa .
    (cakap kat diri sendiri ni ) ;p

  2. heheh, nice post!
    cikgu ak pon ckp mcm tu,
    kat u nnt rmai laki, lgi terjamin mse depan.