Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Musical Evening (:

Assalamuailaikum (;

On this evening , went out to padang for having some musical evening with nik and sheeka

Instead of usual routine that we always do
this is one of the new interest that we will do on the evening (:

play musics , and sing song like no one there ;p

The musical evening (:

The main cast , bhaha
vocalist and guitarist ,

meet sheeka (:

The backup singer yang tak berapa nak backup sgt lahh kan ,

Amalina -.-

And we also made a phone call to someone special to make the evening
more HOT ,

*cehhh bajett je

Nik calling Alannnnn

and plays the guitar and sing along .
bhahaha ;p

*yeke nik ?

And of course aku pun tanak terlepas kan .

me calling Aimannnn

*ohh yes that was my lame and gedikss face when calling him.
oh honey bunny .

and plays the guitar and sing along too.

yeke ni woii ;p

Enjoy the momento again (:
yeay !

Nik aku tahu kau tgh pandang pandang apa tuu.

abg biru yg comel (:
lalalala ~

And thats all !!

Arini recording lagi yeah . cewahhh .
with a new song (:

p/s: sory for the late post . hehe


  1. hahahha... lawak2 la btw , arini kite panggil yuna lagi ye .. hahahaha

  2. Nice laaa....rase mcm nak gak lepak kat padang mcm nie..adoyai bilee laaa ade peluang mcm nie...Btw nice pic

  3. ohh haha , thanks btw (:

    yeah , sementara kami menjadi penggangur terhormat ni, maka kami gunakan peluang lepak lepak ni sebaik yg mungkin !
    hoyeah ! kalau tak mmg dah tade masa dah kan ;p