Monday, April 11, 2011

Do You Really Cares About Me ? Ahhh , you didn't . So This Is A True Confession From Me .

I want to get hurt . A car accident, anything .
I want to get injured enough to wind up in a hospital , just
to see if anyone would come to make sure that i'm okay .

And i'd pretend to be sleeping or dying so in case anyone who actually did come , they would sit at the edge of my bed , crying and tell me everything i want to hear .

Everything they've ever thought of me ,
how they really feel about me , if they're sorry for anything .
I just want to know the truth .
And i want to know who truly cares about me .


  1. kang aku tunjuk yang aku care dekat kau kang menangis terharu kau 7 pagi 7 malam.

  2. NIK : alaaa , yelah nik oi ;p

    ZUL : blah kau , kekonon lettew ;p

    NAD : i love u too nad ;')

    MIXED MINDS : haha , yeah ;p

  3. i thought i was the ONLY ONE yg pernah tpikir nk wat cmni~ ahahaha, kn, kn, kn?